Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why analysts are bearish about euro/usd but I don't !

Most technical analysts see the downward trend of the euro on charts with different time frames, and also there are the fans of Fibonacci, they see it as the greatest mystery of the universe and markets prices as well.
For this we will reveal the methods of these analysts by showing the charts which is the best way to express their analysis:

But however I agree with them about the fact of the downtrend in euro and the genius Fibonacci lines, but these are not my preferred methods to gain and make profits from the financial markets in General.

I preferred to discover the bottoms and peaks, whether within the bearish downtrend trend or within the uptrend and determine the move which is a part of the trend through the overbought-oversold indicators.
In summary I am waiting the beginning of a potential weekly upward move to buy euro.

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