Friday, October 6, 2017

Post:0020 Dow Jones Industrial Average "DJI" 6th of October 2017

Dow Jones Industrial Average "DJI" Analysis

Ok, first of all If I want to reassure about the (strength / power / health) of the Dow Jones trend ; I check the Quarterly time frame chart or may be the monthly but not less than that , so I did & it is fine, of course the trend is not young & healthy as it was, but it can continue upwards for unknown period of time.

After I reassure the trend; I focus on the corrections, to recognize the perfect moment to enter the Dow, I can do that by applying trend lines (daily & weekly frames) on the RSI & Ultimate oscillator or on the price chart itself, as you see above on the charts; as long as the trend line still act as a support it is a buying opportunity but if it has been broken downwards so price start to correction & wait to get another buy signal at the bottom of the correction from fast indicator or classical analysis.

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