Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Post:0033 Silver Futures , October 25th 2017 , "Bulls/Bears breaking bones phase !!"

Bulls & Bears seem to have reached the end of their epic raged clash on silver & soon we will witness a new era, but first they should pass through current bottleneck.

Once upon a time, Bulls were living an uptrend prosperous life until March 2008 bears decided to attack from (silver = 21.34) & they demolish a lot of Bulls gains till they besieged at (8.48) and from this point Bulls gathered their forces & and fortified themselves & start to repel-counterattack & succeed to make bears retreat to (49.77) but bears never surrender and the battle continued till today where each side has built his own trend line & each side knew that a day will come the trend lines will approaching each other & the trading range will squeeze & a possibility of a symmetrical triangle formation , sideways will be a fact , & here we are ladies & gentlemen, the moment has come , distances became very tight , technical indicators get confused but few outweigh the bears side on intermediate "weekly" time approach (bearish sentiment) ,  trend lines were everywhere & on all time scales (frames) , & we are waiting any breakthrough at any moment

nearest reliable support: 16.285
nearest reliable resistance: 17.446

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