Monday, October 30, 2017

Post:0036 GSPTSE 250 TORONTO S&P / TSX COMPOSITE INDEX (T.TOR) , 31 October 2017

Index close at 16002.78 on 30 October 2017

Market is in uptrend & reached a new high after broke 15943.10 (previous market high) by the last two session days candles.

The last candle (30 October 2017) looks fine (bullish) without any bearish/weakness candle pattern.

The broke of the previous resistance (15943.10) should be a buying opportunity (this is the current case now so hold long position) & target will be the downwards breakthrough of the (potential) support trend line applied on the chart.

Technical indicators ( macd & momentum oscillator) showed a (-)ve divergence (bearish).

If the horizontal support levels broken then sell till next support target below.

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